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Welcome to the
Irving Heritage Society

We are based in the Heritage House, shown above with special decorations for its 100th Anniversary.

To learn about the Society and its activities, CLICK HERE.

To learn about the history of the City of Irving and also the Heritage House, CLICK HERE.

To learn about the history of the Irving Independent School District, CLICK HERE. To see now-and-then photographs of Irving schools and other views, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for a list of future Society activities.

A list of current officers, directors, and committee chairs are found HERE, plus an application for membership as well as a list of former presidents.

Links to other Internet sites in Irving and those with a relation to history are found HERE.

Heritage House Tours
Sunday, August 3

In a bedroom called “The Bride’s Room, ” many wedding gowns spanning several decades, are displayed in the Irving Heritage House.  Located at 303 South O’Connor, the Heritage House will be open Sunday, August 3, from 3pm – 5pm.  Docent led tours begin at 3pm and 4pm.  Admission is free.  Group tours may also be scheduled on alternate days.  The Heritage House is a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark.

On display is the 1903 wedding gown, coat and slippers worn by Mrs. J.O. (Agnes Sueppel) Schulze of Iowa City, Iowa.  It was custom designed and made by Marshall Field of Chicago.  Given by her daughters to the Irving Heritage Society, the gown was lovingly and painstakingly restored by Amy Senter of Irving.  It took her about two years to complete this task, finished in 1997.

With wallpaper similar to the original pattern used when the house was built in 1912, this bedroom contains furniture, bed, dresser and washstand originally the property of the Paschal P. Tuckers of Dallas, Mrs. Virginia Schulze’s parents.  It is Victorian walnut with burl walnut inlay.  The bedspread was crocheted by Mrs. Tucker to fit the bed.

To see photos of the Heritage House, check out Past Events or Archives.  For more information, contact 972-252-3838.

Some of the wedding gowns in the “Bride’s Bedroom”
Gown on the chair is from the 1880s.

Irving Heritage Society
elects new officers

Patty Landers Caperton was elected President of the Irving Heritage Society at the June 1 Lemonade on the Porch general meeting. Patty has most recently served as chair of the reconstruction of Mary’s Playhouse located just behind the Heritage House as well as co-chair of the annual Treasures and Oddities sale. Additionally the following officers were elected: Kaye Ward-President Elect, Doug Fox-First Vice President/Membership, Jo-Ann Bresowar-Second Vice President/Programs, Diane Mannon-Third Vice President/Project, Sandra Cole-Recording Secretary, Velma Edwin-Corresponding Secretary, Stacey Martin-Treasurer, Kevin Kendro-Historian, and Janice Carroll-Parliamentarian. New directors include Lea Bailey, Kathy Howard, Rosalie Howard, Patrick Shields, and Vicki Tate. Installation was conducted by former Heritage Society President Chris Wallace.

Guests at the June meeting included Rick and Susan Fairless who shared their vision for the new Big State Fountain Grill.

Additional information on the organization’s activities may be found by calling 972-252-3838.

Front row:  Patty Landers Caperton, Velma Edwin, Kaye Ward
Second row:  Chris Dobson, Diane Mannon
Third row:  Jo-Ann Bresowar, Stacey Martin, Janice Carroll
Back row:  Elizabeth Philipp, Chris Wallace, Patrick Shields,
Kathy Howard, Rosalie Jensen, Dan Niemeier, and Anne Pfaff

July 6 Heritage House tour features antique wedding gowns

Back by popular demand, the monthly tour of the Irving Heritage House will feature a display of the bridal gowns of yesteryear. Gowns dating from the 1880s to a mid-century informal gown from the 1950s will be displayed. The 1903 gown, coat, and shoes ensemble of Agnes Sueppel Schulze, wife of Irving co-founder J. O. Schulze will be included. The 1880 gown features a bustle.

The Irving Heritage House will be open over the holiday weekend on July 6, Sunday, from 3pm - 5pm. Docent led tours will begin at 3pm and 4pm. Admission is free. Built in 1912 by C.P. Schulze, brother of one of Irving’s co-founders J.O. Schulze, the Heritage House is a restored pioneer home. This Texas State Historical Landmark is located at 303 S. O’Connor.

Many beautiful antiques are throughout the Heritage House. Some of the furnishings include an 1840 clock, an organ (ca.1880), a square piano (ca.1860), Limoges, Sevres, and Bavarian porcelains, and many more items from the past. For more information call 972-252-3838. Group tours may also be arranged at alternate times.

Agnes Sueppel Schulze wedding gown


The Irving Heritage Society’s vision:

A diverse community that values its past, celebrates its present, and embraces
its future.

Mission Statement:

The Irving Heritage Society is a vibrant, intergenerational volunteer organization that:
ADVOCATES historic preservation
EDUCATES the community
on its heritage
PRESERVES and accumulates
local history

2014-2105 Irving Heritage Society Board

President – Patty Landers Caperton
President elect – Kaye Ward
First Vice President/
– Doug Fox
Second Vice President/
– Jo-Ann Bresowar
Third Vice President/
– Diane Mannon
Recording Secretary – Sandra Cole  Corresponding Secretary
Velma Edwin
Treasurer – Stacey Martin
Historian – Kevin Kendro Parliamentarian – Janice Carroll

The new directors include:  Lea Bailey, Kathy Howard, Rosalie Jensen, Patrick Shields, and Vicki Tate

ICTN Four-Minute Video of the 100th Anniversary of
The Heritage House and the Society’s
Valentine Tea

CLICK HERE to see the video. Click on the symbol in the lower right corner just below the small screen to watch it full-screen.

It states that “Irving’s Heritage House is now 100 years old. The Heritage Society has a number of special events planned to mark that anniversary. This tea took visitors on a trip back in time.” The video contains many comments by Society members.

New Brochure of
The Heritage House

CLICK HERE to see the newly-created brochure of the Heritage House. Printed copies are available at the Heritage House. 

Yearbooks Now Available

The 2012-2013 Yearbook of the Irving Heritage Society is now available to be picked up by members at the Clothes Quarters in downtown Irving or at the Mustang Museum in Williams Square. This issue includes a photo gallery of recent events as well as many articles and lists. 


Photographs of
Recent Heritage Society Events

2014 4th of July Parade

IHS May 2014 Board Meeting

10th Annual Fish Fry & Bake Sale

March 7th 2014 Board Meeting

2014 Vintage Valentine Tea Party

To View more events, CLICK HERE

History Pictorial History Book and Centennial
Cookbook for Sale

“Irving, Texas, From Rails to Wings, 1903-2003” by Norma Stanton is available for $15 and "Irving, Texas, Centennial, 1903-2003, Cookbook and Family Histories" by Helen Ogden Widener is available for $10 from the Society. The fully-illustrated history book, over 200 pages, tells the story of the City of Irving, its people, and its growth over its first century. The 400-plus page cookbook has both history and recipes, with an added bonus of an interactive compact disc. Both books are bound hardback and were published by the City of Irving as part of its centennial celebration. These extra copies have been graciously donated by the City to the Society to help fund the upkeep of the Heritage House. Get yours at the Heritage House during the monthly tours or call 972-252-3838 to order your copies.

IHS Historical book IHS Cookbook