November 7th IHS Board Meeting

A National Register of Historic Places marker will be unveiled at the Joffre-Gilbert House at 309 South O’Connor on Sunday, December 7, at 2pm. The home is owned by Dr. Clay W. Gilbert and is the first location in Irving to receive this national recognition. The public is invited to attend the unveiling and reception.

The home was built in 1919 by pioneer carpenter A. Fred Joffre as a dream home for his family. It is a two story, frame, Craftsman Style bungalow, referred to as an “airplane bungalow” based on its wide, low, front-facing gable and centrally-placed and cockpit-like second story. Dr. Franklin Monroe Gilbert and his wife Dorothy purchased the house in 1939. Their son, Dr. Clay Wayne Gilbert, acquired it in 1977. Dr. Franklin Monroe Gilbert and his father Dr. Daniel Webster Gilbert served the medical needs of the greater Irving community for over a century (1870s-1970s). This home served as a secondary clinic and was known as a place to turn to in time of need.

A place on the National Register of Historic Places was awarded based on two criteria: the property is associated with the lives of persons significant in our past and on the uniqueness of the architectural style that the home represents.

A reception will follow the unveiling at the Irving Heritage House located next door. It will be hosted by the Irving Heritage Society and the Irving Museum Advisory board. For more information about the unveiling, contact the Irving Heritage Society at 972-252-3838.

The Irving Heritage Society’s vision:

A diverse community that values its past, celebrates its present, and embraces its future.