Vintage Valentine Tea

The Irving Index newspaper article of Thursday, February 19, 1914, reported: “Mr. and Mrs. Charles Percy Schulze threw open their beautiful new home Saturday evening to one hundred and fifty invited guests. The housewarming was in the nature of a Valentine Party – the decorations and color scheme throughout being hearts, arrows and cupid in reds and yellows.”

The same description fits the upcoming event at the former Schulze home now called the Heritage House, 303 South O’Connor, as the Irving Heritage Society recreates that party of 1914 with their annual Vintage Valentine Tea. The public is invited to share in this special event from 2pm-4pm. Reservations are not required and admission is free.

Just as in the 1914 article description, there will be strings of hearts from the chandeliers. The lace draperies at the windows and dining table will have festoons of hearts and arrows. The tea recipes have been checked, the silver polished and the Irving Heritage Society Sweetheart is secretly being selected as the organization prepares for this favorite traditional event. Jearlene Miller and Vicki Tate are serving as co-chairman of this year’s event.

The newly rebuilt Mary’s Playhouse will also be open during the Valentine Tea. It is located just behind the Heritage House in the garden area. Guests young and old are invited to visit the Playhouse to learn more about the Schulze children.

The Irving Heritage Society’s vision:

A diverse community that values its past, celebrates its present, and embraces its future.