IHS Charter

The name of the organization shall be the Irving Heritage Society. The purpose for which the corporation is formed are: The preservation and accumulation of Iocal history including sites, artifacts, genealogy data and any items pertaining to all periods of the Iocal historic past; and support of educational and civic enterprises concerned with history and cultural heritage. The corporation shall be non-political in character, open to all individuals in sympathy with is purpose, and is not organized for profit for itself, or to any firm, corporation, or person and is without stockholders, and is civic and educational in purpose in that all net assets of the corporation are irrevocably pledged at all times during the existence of the corporation to historical preservation as the corporation may determine. The place where the business of the corporation is to be transacted is Irving, Texas, in which city the principal office of the corporation shall be located. The corporation shall exist for fifty (50) years. The number of directors of said corporation shall be determined by the By-Laws of the corporation and shall be subject to change from time to time as the By-Laws may be amended provided the number of directors shall never be less than nine (9) in number nor more than twenty-five (25).
The Irving Heritage Society’s vision:

A diverse community that values its past, celebrates its present, and embraces its future.